Purchase the SYDE Style Manual for report writing from the Bookstore)The letter of submittal, that is mandatory when submitting a work report, should be addressed to the current Department Chair of Systems Design Engineering for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th work reports. Reports that are narrative or simply descriptive are not an acceptable work report.

A narrative or descriptive report is one which could be described as being in the "What I did on my work term" category and which has no specific engineering design or analysis content Help me do a engineering report Business Custom writing plagiarism free APA Do my engineering report American Chicago A4 (British/European)..

The absence of an appropriate level of engineering analysis and technical content in a work term report is sufficient cause for a "Resubmit" decision. A report that is essentially a User Manual is not acceptable.

An engineering study is an acceptable topic for a work term report. In this type of report it is important to include an appropriate background or literature review; to specify the equipment, materials and methods used in the investigation; to explain why you used the method or methods that you did; to note other methods that were considered and to explain why they were rejected. These reports should explain how and why you arrived at the experimental design that was used, and how it satisfied the needs or purpose of the study.

Remember that your investigative process should be repeatable without any uncertainty Get an introduction to technical report writing with this online course from Find out how to communicate your ideas through well-written engineering reports..

An engineering design project is also an acceptable topic for a work term report provided that the engineering design solutions are clearly evaluated against one or more alternatives with respect to previously established design criteria. A report on a design project must precisely describe and define the problem, along with the design constraints and the performance criteria that were used to evaluate the different designs.

You must also justify the criteria and their relative weightings. You should also discuss the significant design alternatives and how well they satisfied the design objectives, constraints and criteria and then clearly identify and justify the reasons why the winning design was chosen, using figures, graphs and tables as necessary. A business plan does not qualify as an acceptable topic.

The report must be on an engineering topic that makes use of the engineering sciences and design principles. The topic and scope of the project should be appropriate for your academic level. Topics may also err on the side of simplicity or inadequate scope.

The report should identify to what extent the solution or analytical methods employed are original creations of the author or are attributable to other sources that must be adequately and properly cited. There is, in general, no expectation of an original or fundamental contribution to the engineering sciences, but there should be some degree of creativity and synthesis in the report.